The Cracks In My Lens | Limited Edition

The Cracks In My Lens | Layflat Limited Edition (Please read details)

Please note that the layflat version of the book is printed differently than the regular. It opens fully to better view the photos across the pages, it also have more dence paper and therefore it's much thicker and heavier, it fits perfectly as a coffee table book.

The Cracks In My Lens is a photographic memoir of what it's like to be the first woman war photojournalist in Gaza, exploring life in a besieged city while rebelling against local taboos.

The stories explore internal corruption and military occupation, highlighting women's struggles while defying traditions favoring men in society. The events occur between 1987 and 2014 and depict both the inevitable heartbreak and unexpected joy that can be found among the rubble. The book focuses on Gaza's personal narratives from the perspective of a local female photojournalist who is uncovering her identity as war and life continue around her.

The Cracks In My Lens is the untold story of what happens behind the scenes of explosive headlines
$ 220

Eman Mohammed | Visual Journalist

Eman Mohammed is a visual artist and journalist, born in Saudi Arabia and educated in Gaza City, Palestine. Her bylines include Mother Jones, The Guardian, Le Monde, The Atlantic, NPR, and others.
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